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Real marketing covers all those activities that ensure your company can satisfy your customers’ needs - and make a profit. There is more to getting your marketing right than just promotion - not that getting the word out is not important of course, but it has to be built on a solid strategy. This is where a consultant can be invaluable.

THE PURPLE EDGE is a marketing company based in Canterbury Kent, offering consultancy, outsourcing and training services that can help you to get better results from your marketing.

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Outsourced marketing

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Outsourced Marketing services provide you with a virtual marketing department to develop and implement the strategy and plan that will deliver your business growth and profit. If you know you need to improve your marketing but can’t resource the effort in-house then OUTSOURCING may be just what you need.

Marketing Services Packages on offer include cost effective analysis, strategy and planning options that put you on the right path to success. We will evaluate your current approach, markets and strategy and provide solid recommendations on improvement.

Marketing Mindset Coaching & Training courses will give you the skills you need to make your own marketing more effective and give you a Marketing Mindset. Start thinking like a marketer and reaping the rewards in more cost effective action. We can provide bespoke in-house company training courses to upgrade your team's marketing skills, as well as offering open training courses and 1-1 executive coaching.

Because its purpose is to create a customer your business has two purposes and two purposes only: Marketing and Innovation
Peter Drucker, Marketing Guru