Original post : 1 Dec 2011

Marketing is a dirty word

Marketing is a dirty word - gaggedWe got involved in a bizarre discussion recently - the details of which I will keep to myself to protect all concerned - but the nub of which boiled down to a challenge to describe all the business issues that we, as marketing professionals, address with our clients, but without using the word marketing.

Why should this be so? Why is marketing such a dirty word? Should we be ashamed to call ourselves marketing professionals? Are we falling into the same camp as politicians, journalists and estate agents? We're only trying to help - honest!

Once I got over my initial outrage I was able to understand a little where they were coming from. The problem is that there are too many people pushing spurious 'marketing' expertise, or thrusting one specific PROMOTIONAL technique at people without helping them to understand whether it is right for them.

And, at the end of the day, the challenge was not so hard. The outcome we focused on was BUSINESS GROWTH - an objective we all buy into I'm sure, and one that we at THE PURPLE EDGE believe can't be achieved without doing the m word even if some people prefer to call it something different. Luckily we were allowed to mention the following:

  • Setting business goals, understanding what business you are in and using this information to drive decision-making and planning
  • Understanding your market (not the full m word), competition and the environment. That means understanding customers and the segments you are targeting
  • Having a clear value proposition - represented by products, services and brand - and managing your portfolio to maximise profit.
  • The psychology of purchasing - buyer behaviour and pricing strategies
  • Communicating with customers (definitely not the m word) - how to select the right strategy for getting your message across to all your stakeholders
  • Building a growth strategy and plan (not a m*******g plan of course) - detailing the actions you will take to grow your business

Simple! No m*******g in sight - just sound advice on all the aspects of your business that you should address if you want growth.

Let's not get hung up about what we call it - if you want help creating a strategy to grow your business, talk to us!

Or check out our Group Coaching Programme where you will learn all about how to use m*******g to deliver BUSINESS GROWTH.


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