Original post : Dec 17, 2014

Christmas - a boost for charities?

Raleigh InternationalDecember each year brings the debate about whether to send paper Christmas cards or just e-cards or, my preferred option, a combination of both!

This year, as my son is fundraising for his volunteer trip to Tanzania, I have been wondering if charities really do benefit as much as is promised by the rash of e-cards all proclaiming that "instead of sending cards this year we are giving to charity".

I've Googled it, of course, but couldn't find any specific information on whether charities have benefited from the switch from paper to data. What I did find was a lot of articles on how little money ends up with charities from the packets of cards sold in the high street in the name of charity, so it is possible that any additional donations from sending e-cards will have helped!

Indeed, if you do want to send paper cards the advice was very definitely buy cheaper cards and give to the charity direct, or buy your cards direct from the charity to be certain that your donation is really going to the cause you want it to.

In my Googling I also came across many charities offering e-card options to encourage donors - which I think is a smart idea because, being a tad cynical, I wonder just how many good intentions on e-cards translate into significant funds for the charity?

Or do you think I'm being unfair? I'd love to know what you think and do about your (business) card giving.

For our part our paper Christmas cards say they are in aid of Macmillan (but I confess to not knowing how much the charity might be getting), our chosen e-card charity will be Raleigh International (to support our son Sam who is off to Tanzania in February), and I will be donating significant payment in kind to Kent MS Therapy Centre to help with the opening and rebranding of the new centre in January.

What are your plans?

P.S. If you fancy supporting my son in his efforts to help the community in Tanzania you can do so here: (He'll be doing a Christmas fun run on Saturday too as part of his fundraising efforts).



Sharon WildingSharon Wilding is a Chartered Marketer with many years experience in marketing for businesses large and small. As a lecturer and a practioner she aims to help small businesses use theory in practical ways to improve performance. You can connect with Sharon on Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.


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