Original post : Jul 3, 2015

Exhibition Time

It's show time

Next Tuesday (7th July) the Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce are holding the annual Kent B2B Conference and Show at the Ashford International Hotel.

Hopefully the backlog of traffic prevented from crossing the Channel by the Calais strikers will have been able to move on and Operation Stack will have been lifted. If it hasn't then there may be fewer business people there than normal but on the upside perhaps more lorry drivers seeking a stimulating distraction from a lorry cab in 40 degree heat.

Anyway, as we're coming up to an exhibition I thought it might be useful to offer some advice for those exhibiting. Too often businesses take an exhibition stand and put quite a bit of effort, not to mention budget, into the stand and the give handouts (and of course the freebies) without really thinking too much about the process. How will they engage with people? How will they qualify leads? How will they follow-up?

I could produce an article that would address these issues but in all honesty it's a beautiful Friday evening and the last rays of the sun are alighting on the deck so I'm going to go and enjoy them.

Luckily, a bit like Blue Peter, there are 3 very relevant blogs that we prepared earlier. Please take a look through if you have time before Tuesday. If you're an exhibitor you will find something you could use. If you are attending you can play my exhibition game and spot the Disney character.

The first blog that I wrote is about how people on stands capture attention.

The blog Sharon wrote is about making exhibitions successful.

The second blog I wrote is all about preparation for an exhibition.

I hope you enjoy them and find something useful. Let us know how it goes!


Jim Hunt AuthorJim Hunt is a professional marketer with many years experience in building businesses large and small. As a speaker, trainer and practitioner he aims to explain marketing theory clearly and show how it can be applied in practice to deliver better results from your marketing investment. You can connect with Jim on LinkedInFacebookTwitter and Google+.


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