A strategy is simply a long term plan of action setting out how you will achieve your objectives. Creating a clear vision of what you are trying to achieve, and ensuring that it is understood by everyone you work with, is essential to the success of your business.

Your marketing strategy defines how you will compete effectively in your market place. As well as knowing what you will do, and perhaps more importantly, a strategy also helps you decide what you will NOT do. It allows you to set priorities against investment in branding or direct marketing, for example, and drives decisions on what will go into your marketing plan.

An outsider's view can be a real help here as it can be hard to stand back from the day to day demands of running your business to take stock and create or update your strategy.

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The Purple Edge has been invaluable in its planning, coordination and management of a first rate marketing campaign for our city-centre apartments. 
Paul Markham, Glengate Developments