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Any business providing products and services to customers is carrying out marketing, but using it more effectively will help you grow faster and more profitably. Professional marketing is not all about promotional campaigns and big budgets - it is about focusing on what will work for you, and ensuring that all your activities are implemented to maximum effect.

Product, price, place and promotion

At THE PURPLE EDGE we take a broad view of marketing, considering all aspects of the customer experience and your business to ensure that you are able to develop long-term and profitable relationships with your customers.  In this way we help you avoid wasting money on communications that are not properly targeted.

A selection of the marketing issues we can help you with:

  • Strategy & planning, consultancy & coaching
  • Pricing & product development
  • Websites, SEO, pay-per-click, e-marketing
  • Copywriting, PR, social media
  • Branding, design & advertising

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If you are looking to use marketing to drive competitive advantage for your business THE PURPLE EDGE has a range of options that can help you:

THE PURPLE EDGE is run by Sharon Wilding and Jim Hunt.  Through a growing network of carefully selected associates, or by working with your existing suppliers, THE PURPLE EDGE can help you develop and deliver the right strategies and plans to grow your business.  You decide what level of support will suit you best. 

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