The Best Small Business E-Marketing System

We want to be up front with you. When the opportunity came up to sell the system we use for our own e-marketing and online communications we jumped at it. We know first-hand just how simple and effective it is to use - and we've tried a few other options that our clients use, so we have been able to make some comparisons.

While we would never try and sell you this system if it wouldn't fully meet your needs, we think you'll like these benefits:

  • A website with professionally written copy that is compelling and optimised for your key search terms
  • Simple webpage editing - update your website quickly, easily and in plain English. Whether you need to change a price or create landing pages for a marketing campaign, your website is in your control for once.
  • SEO assistance - Commsbox provides straight forward prompts to help optimise your web pages improve search engine visibility
  • Blog -  easily create blog articles and automatically email them to your mailing list. Encourage comments and interaction to nurture your clients and prospects
  • Powerful Email marketing - easily create professional looking email marketing messages to maintain communication with customers and prospects
  • CRM - Database and list management to track contacts, make records of interactions, set up reminders to call etc and allow effective segmentation and targeting

In short, everything you need in one simple package putting you fully in control of your e-marketing communications. No more juggling lists between different applications. No more learning how different systems work - or don't! No more excuses for not keeping your website up-to-date, for not blogging, for not keeping in touch with your database, or for not even having a database!

One single login is all you need to get access to all the features - and the interface is simple and foolproof. You can have multiple users in your organisation safe in the knowledge they can only access the parts of the system that you want them to.

CommsBoxThe system is Commsbox from YellowHawk - and, as resellers, we can guide you through the whole process of moving your website to this new platform and setting up your own e-marketing programme. In fact, we'll happily manage it for you too! 

You pay for design and build up front (price dependent on the complexity of your website) and then a monthly fee dependent on the option chosen. It really is great value for money as it saves you time and headaches managing separate systems or having to pay someone else everytime you want to make a change to your website.

If you're interested in finding out more or having a demo please give us a call.

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