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Skelton Group Ltd

"Having never had any formal marketing training and learning mostly from trial and error I knew I had to up my game to get the most out of the marketing mediums available.  With today’s society relying more and more on the web for information and with the relevant publications covered, I wanted to focus on improving our website, which had become outdated and inefficient, and improve our search engine optimization.

I contacted The Purple Edge and Sharon soon came up with a strategy to help me take things to the next level.  With our business, we are constantly investing in new plant and machinery so it is essential that our customers are kept informed of the new additions.  Sharon understood that I wanted to be able to do the website management in-house myself, so as to save time and money, rather than involving a third party.  A few design meetings later and our new website was born, one which enables me to update the content with just a few clicks as well as sending out e-newsletters, blog entries or just Christmas wishes to our current and potential customers.

We have already seen the benefits of our new website, it is a shop window we are proud of and the skills I can now use are both rewarding and invaluable.  Sharon has given me a greater understanding of small changes that can make a big impact on our web visibility so I can constantly monitor what I need to do to make sure we are reaching the maximum amount of people.  The service that The Purple Edge has given me has been outstanding, and they are always at the end of a phone call or e-mail to help with any query big or small."
Davinia Skelton, Marketing Manager, Skelton Group Ltd

Summary of activity

Skelton Group provides high quality, modern and up-to-date plant, machinery and equipment for hire across Kent. They wanted to update their marketing approach, particularly online. They wanted to be able to manage the activities themselves, but were keen to get guidance and training that would help them build their own skills.

THE PURPLE EDGE worked with them to:

  • Implement a new website on the Commsbox platform, with integral blogging and emailing facility
  • Set up a mailing list for sending regular news updates to customers and prospects
  • Provide guidance on SEO management and interpreting Google Analytics so that Skelton can take responsibility for the day-to-day management of their site

We are in regular contact and on hand to support Skelton fully with any queries they have on how to get better results from their marketing investment.

I've had so many people compliment me on my newsletter - and more importantly more people contact me than did before! Having The Purple Edge manage the newsletter as well as the rest of our marketing activity makes it all totally painless. I love it!
Claire Burroughs, Managing Director, AnsaCom Ltd