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“We’re a home care agency – caring is what we do best but we are still a business that relies on customers. Marketing is therefore an important function, but one that we have neither the time or skills to manage effectively. We don’t need full time resource, so outsourcing is definitely the best option for us. We can trust Sharon to take care of all our marketing issues: updating the website to make sure it performs well in searches, managing our quarterly newsletter, and carrying out regular promotions as required. The Purple Edge has been a great addition to the team.”
Sam West, Director, Beechtree Totalcare

Summary of activity

Beechtree Total Care is a domiciliary care agency based in Margate, Kent. They have marketing challenges like every business, but recognised that they did not have the skill or the time to manage projects effectively in house.  When they approached THE PURPLE EDGE they were already struggling to get their new website out the door and had only managed to send one newsletter in a year.

Although margins are tight the care sector is a competitive one, and it is important to maintain a profile and be easy for new clients to find you and use your services - as well as to attract the best staff. THE PURPLE EDGE takes responsibility to make sure marketing activities are proactively managed:

  • The website is an essential tool for doing this, and needs to perform well in searches
  • The quarterly newsletter maintains good communications with clients and their extended families
  • Being ready to respond to advertising opportunities with the right messages
  • Running local leaflet campaigns, events and surveys

Having an outsourced marketing team doesn't just mean that promotions and campaigns are more successfully managed - THE PURPLE EDGE are able to consult and advise on all areas of marketing strategy, including portfolio development and pricing.

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