Marketing Mindset 1-1 Coaching

 Unlike most training which can be very general, this was just for me and my company, therefore the benefits are immediate.
Debra Trewerne, Chives Caterers

One-to-One EXECUTIVE MARKETING COACHING with THE PURPLE EDGE gives you the opportunity to develop the professional marketing skills you need to drive your business today!
100% satisfaction guaranteed.

You set the agenda

Can't find the exact course you need? Our bespoke 1-1 coaching is fully flexible and personalised to your business and goals. You build your marketing skills by tackling the real-life issues affecting your company performance.

Your coach will be Sharon Wilding or Jim Hunt and they will be ensuring you are at the centre of the action - actively involved in the process, challenged to apply your new skills immediately to your own business and starting to see the results.

A six hour programme costs just £625 (ex VAT). Personalised goals and objectives are agreed and the content can then be tailored to your business objectives and existing skills.

Your programme might look like this

Create a plan that will hit your targets
  • Setting SMART objectives & budgeting for marketing
  • Identifying the target market and propositions
  • Determining what is in the strategy – and what is not
  • Creating an action plan
Implementing a social media strategy
  • Evaluating social media potential for your target markets
  • Setting up & maintaining strong profiles on social media networks
Mastering search marketing
  • Setting a strategy & goals for your website
  • Creating an action plan for optimisation
  • Developing Google Adwords campaigns
  • Tools for implementing, monitoring, managing your search marketing activities

Create and manage your own marketing strategy

The MARKETING MINDSET EXECUTIVE COACHING PROGRAMME is the ideal solution if you want to learn how to be more effective and create a marketing strategy, plan and activities specifically for your business in the process.

You may be happy with your company's ability to manage your marketing, but feel you need an injection of ideas and advice to boost your results. You may know you need to get better at marketing but don’t know where to start. Either way we can help you bring your business to life.

Read on for more details:

  Benefits of one-to-one coaching


  • Designed completely to meet your specific needs and the issues you are facing
  • Intensive one-on-one with a dedicated marketing professional
  • Focused on learn as we work – build the skills and confidence to become your own marketer
  • Practical in its output, ready to implement and designed to generate results
  • Completely flexible – sessions at a time, location and frequency to suit you
  • Free of charge for an initial consultation, with no obligation
  • Great value for money   Top

  How the programme works

We will arrange an initial consultation session to better understand your business, your priorities and your skill level. This will help us tailor your coaching programme to your specific needs.

Each coaching session will consist of in-depth one-to-one discussions with your highly qualified marketer. Relevant theories will be explained and applied directly to your business and your problems.

Following each session you will be given actions to complete before the next session. These actions will help to improve your understanding of your business, develop your marketing ideas and plans and make you a better marketer. Don’t worry, we won’t mark your homework, but we will give honest feedback and pointers to improve where necessary. During your coaching programme you will have access to telephone and email support so that you can clarify points, check understanding or bounce ideas.

At the end of the programme you will continue to receive free telephone support for a further two weeks. If you would like to continue to benefit from expert advice and support after this period you can subscribe to our Mindset Mentor support package.  Top

  Programme structure

Each programme is unique as it is tailored to the specific needs of the client. You decide up front what aspects you want to focus on and what your goals are, which might include:

  • Marketing strategy and planning - are you focusing on the right things to drive your business?
  • Differentiation - how do you ensure your business stands out from the crowd?
  • Segmentation - what is your customer niche?  How well do you understand their needs?
  • Pricing - does it reflect the value you provide?  Are you pricing to drive revenue or boost profit?
  • Customer satisfaction - how easy are you to do business with?  Do you deliver value - and do your customers know what it is?
  • Attracting new business - reaching new audiences, developing new products.
  • Getting your message across - maximum results for minimum spend.

Agreeing the agenda up front ensures that the time spent together is as productive as possible, and the output of the session will be a clear action plan to address issues.

Coaching sessions can be taken in blocks of one or more hours, face to face or over the phone as required. If you then sign up for a block of 6 hours coaching it includes one hour free, or you can pay as you go to spread costs.  Top

  Price and how to book

Focussed completely on you and your business and designed to make you an effective marketer, the MARKETING MINDSET EXECUTIVE COACHING PROGRAMME is our most popular coaching option. Our clients love the fact that they learn the skills and tools they need to the depth they need, to drive their business results. There’s no fluff and no time spent on subjects that aren’t relevant.

Marketing training courses from reputable training companies can easily cost £500 per day. These will typically be fully taught and packed with theory or based on unrelated case studies. They’ll require you to take a day out of your busy schedule and require you to travel to them. They won’t be interactive with work based around your business needs. They won’t have additional work to help solidify your learning, they won’t provide on-going support and they won’t include expert and peer review of your ideas and proposals.

The MARKETING MINDSET EXECUTIVE COACHING PROGRAMME provides all this at your desk, at a time that suits you and over a period of up to 6 months to allow you to fully understand and apply your skills.  The price for this programme has been set to make it accessible to small businesses.

So to recap we offer a bespoke EXECUTIVE COACHING PROGRAMME which comprises:

  • GuaranteeAs many sessions as you want
  • Content tailored to your specific needs and situation
  • Comprehensive subject matter
  • Expert coaches, Chartered Institute of Marketing qualified and with almost 50 years industry experience
  • Venue to suit you
  • Free telephone & email support

The price of an hour's coaching is £125 (ex-VAT), or if you book and pay for 5 hours you get an extra hour free - total price for 6 hours £625 (ex VAT).

To book the MARKETING MINDSET EXECUTIVE COACHING PROGRAMME or to discuss further how a marketing coach can help your business contact us by phone or web form, or email direct to:  Top

  What our clients say

“Unlike most training which can be very general, this was just for me and my company, therefore the benefits are immediate. Sharon helped me to look at our business from a different perspective and channel our resources accordingly, I developed confidence and was able to put together new brochures and mail shots specifically for Kent 20/20 and now, looking forward through the year, we have both Facebook and Twitter pages and are developing our database.”
Debra Trewerne, Chives Caterers

“It was extremely valuable having Sharon’s guidance in evaluating what we had done in the past and how we could move forward, identifying the areas to focus on to gain future business. I enjoyed working with Sharon. Her flexible approach meant that she adapted her coaching to our business needs and was therefore easy to work with.”
Linda Jordan, Applied Relational Technology

“I know I wouldn’t have achieved what we did without The Purple Edge– it has taken me 12 years to get a marketing plan! I would definitely recommend their services to others.”
Kathy Root, Roots Kitchens Bedrooms Bathrooms

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Sharon represented our needs and objectives as if she was truly part of our organisation, and has far exceeded our expectations in terms of delivery and approach. Completion of lettings has shown a marked increase in the past 12 months.
Tony Skelton, Stour Valley Estates