Marketing Mindset Group Coaching Programme

 Last year I completed a Marketing Mindset programme and our business is moving from strength to strength - 26% growth last financial year, 37% growth in August, unheard of in the printing industry. They've been a big help towards our growth strategy and plans.
Craig Durrant, Truprint Media

2 days to a Marketing Mindset

A new format for our popular Group Coaching Programme, designed not simply to improve your marketing skills but to give you a new MARKETING MINDSET, to help you see your business in a new and exciting way. 

Join a small group of businesses on a structured programme combining learning, direct application to your business, peer review and support:

  • 2 full days of training
  • Unlimited phone and email support during the programme and for one month after
  • membership of our coaching group on LinkedIn to share ideas and support with other coaching clients

This is not a passive programme!

Led by your coaches Sharon Wilding and Jim Hunt of THE PURPLE EDGE, you will be actively involved in the process and challenged to apply it immediately to your own business and start to see the results. 

You should find everything here to help you decide if joining our group coaching programme is for you, but contact us if you do want to talk it through! 

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Learn how to improve your marketing results

Read on for more details:

Benefits of group coaching

Stop wasting money on advertising. Stop wasting time on social media. Stop wasting effort on bad business.

Start selling your value. Start finding your ideal customers. Start doing REAL marketing.

The Group Coaching Programme is designed to give you real marketing skills and more importantly a MARKETING MINDSET. Not only will you learn from your coaches but also from a new support group of like minded businesses determined like you to grow their businesses despite the economic conditions. 

The group coaching programme promises:

  • Structured programme tailored to the needs of the group
  • Lively and rich learning environment
  • Learn from coaches and peers
  • Apply learning to your specific situation gaining feedback from coaches and peers as you go
  • Very cost effective

This isn’t a marketing training course where you’ll be bombarded with information, some of it useful, then sent away wondering what to do next. This is an in-depth coaching programme where you will learn all the skills you need to invigorate your marketing AND apply these skills to your business, gaining support and feedback as you go. The knowledge and skills you gain can be used again and again in your business to keep it growing.  Top

          How the programme works

The programme is based around 6 modules, delivered over two full days one week apart. The modules are designed to improve your skill and confidence in marketing your business, while taking practical steps to implement what you have learnt.  Each programme covers the key things you need to know to make your marketing more effective and bring you greater results. 

Before the programme starts you will be asked to complete a questionnaire to allow us to better understand your business, your priorities and your skill level. This will help us tailor the programme to the needs of the group.

Each module will include lecture sessions to explain the key themes and theories, workshop sessions to apply the principles to your own business, and review sessions to gain feedback from the coaches and your peers.  50% lecture, 50% workshop, 100% fun.

During each module on the first day you will identify work to do in time for the next session. This may be doing something you have learned in the session or preparing information for use at the next session. All of it designed to develop your skills and to be applied to your business. Between sessions you will have access to free telephone support if you need to discuss any issues or clarify any points.


At the end of the programme you will continue to receive free telephone support for a further month. If you would like to continue to benefit from expert advice and support after this period you can subscribe to our Mindset Mentor package. Top

Programme structure

Each programme is unique as it is tailored to the specific needs of the group but a typical programme might look like this:

DAY 1 - Wednesday 26th Spetember Modules 1-3

Being clear about what business you are in - benefits and value. Setting your objectives and goals to drive decision-making. Determining the right level of marketing investment for you.

Understanding how to analyse your competition and the marketing environment in which you are operating.  Responding to the impact on your business and your plans. Learning simple techniques to crystallise the many factors effecting your business. What can/should you do differently as a result of what you learn?

Identifying your value proposition(s). Being clear about what needs you are meeting or problems you are solving for your customers. Understanding product life cycles and the importance of product development. Evaluating the performance of your portfolio for profit maximisation and to drive investment decisions. The role and importance of branding. The differences between marketing products and services.

DAY 2 - Wednesday 3rd October Modules 4-6

Understanding the psychology of pricing and buying behaviour.  Evaluating different pricing strategies. Why most small businesses get it wrong. Why you are not charging enough and how to successfully increase your prices.

The options open to you to promote your products. Choosing between the various options. Outbound vs. inbound marketing.  Essential strategies for effective web sites, email marketing and social media. How to integrate activities and use traditional media more effectively. The importance of consistency and constancy in marketing.

Pulling it all together. How to use your skills to develop real, SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time framed) plans that you can immediately implement to grow your business.


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Who should attend, where and when?

Any business owner/manager who wants more customers, more sales and more profit. A team member looking to take on more of the responsibility for marketing in your company. Anyone who has considered marketing training but is concerned about being able to apply it to their business.

THE PURPLE EDGE open enrolment MARKETING MINDSET GROUP COACHING PROGRAMME is run at venues chosen on the basis of facilities and ease of access and parking. Hit the 'book now' button to see full details of locations and dates.

The MARKETING MINDSET GROUP COACHING PROGRAMME can also be run IN-HOUSE as a single company programme or at business centres, innovation centres etc. for groups of co-located companies.

Hit 'book now' to see the dates of currently scheduled MARKETING MINDSET GROUP COACHING PROGRAMMES.

Unless stated otherwise each session will start at 8.45 am for coffee and continental breakfast. The action begins at 9.00 am and will continue through till 5.00 pm with a break fro lunch and coffee breaks throughout the day.  Top

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Price and how to book

We know of no other Group Coaching Programme that offers such comprehensive training coupled with specific content tailored to your needs and with such high levels of support and direct application to your business.

Marketing training courses from reputable training companies can easily cost £500 per day. These will typically be fully taught and packed with theory or based on unrelated case studies. They won’t be interactive with work based around your business needs. They won’t have additional work to help solidify your learning, they won’t provide on-going support and they won’t include expert and peer review of your ideas and proposals.

The MARKETING MINDSET GROUP COACHING PROGRAMME provides all this at a venue close to you, at a time that allows you to continue to take care of business.

The price for this programme has been set to make it accessible to small businesses with discounts for early booking. We believe that this is the most comprehensive and cost effective marketing training available to Kent’s small businesses.

So to recap we offer a MARKETING MINDSET GROUP COACHING PROGRAMME which comprises:

  • Guarantee2 full day sessions a week apart
  • Content tailored to delegates needs
  • Comprehensive subject matter
  • Expert coaches, Chartered Institute of Marketing qualified and with almost 50 years industry experience
  • Expert and peer review
  • Local venue
  • Free telephone & email support
  • Lunch and unlimited tea/coffee etc

The Group Coaching Programme represents extraordinary value at just £699 - £499 if you book before 1st August. Places are limited - contact us now to reserve your place.

Bookings for the MARKETING MINDSET GROUP COACHING PROGRAMME are on a first come first served basis and bookings can be made instantly via credit card or you can opt to be invoiced. Payment must be made before the course starts and delegates must commit to the whole programme - your place will be confirmed as soon as payment is received.

 If you need to cancel for any reason we will do our best to accommodate you on an alternative course, or refunds will be paid as follows:

  • 30 days notice - full refund
  • 14-29 days notice - 50% refund
  • 0-13 days notice - no refund Top

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What our clients say

Read even more testimonials here!

Comments from participants in recent workshops led by THE PURPLE EDGE:

"The Purple Edge Marketing Mindset Coaching Course has provided all we need to move our business to the next level, and more. I'd fully recommend The Purple Edge without reservation; totally professional and knowledgeable, they truly make a real difference." 
Julie Daly, Training DirectorFire Security Services Ltd, March 2012

"The Coaching Mindset programme is a high quality, reality-based course which brings together individuals from different businesses to work on shared concerns and issues around marketing. I wouldrecommend it to anyone interested in developing their skills and understanding in this area of theirbusiness."
Jan Prior, CEOBlackthorn Trust, March 2012

"Sharon and Jim's course has enabled me to understand my business in a much more in depth way. It has given me a strong motivation and a practical path to follow to ensure that my short and long term goals are achievable. I feel ten times more confident and knowledgeable than when I started the course and I appreciate the supportive and professional atmosphere that Sharon and Jim created."
Sue GoodrumIndependent Funeral Celebrant, March 2012

"I found this course to be hugely enjoyable but more importantly I found it invaluable to my business, I would highly recommend. Thank you The Purple Edge!"
Rob Stevens, Target Ink Ltd

"The Purple Edge really do change your business mindset for the better! I would definitely recommend the programme to other people."
Carrie Stay, Clockwork Moggy

"If you are looking for a training course to be plain speaking, intuitive, positive, enjoyable and to end up with a robust, workable marketing plan then I can thoroughly recommend The Marketing Mindset training programme."
Craig Durrant, Truprint Media Ltd

"The Purple Edge's Marketing Mindset course proved to be invaluable to my role at Milbrooke Printers. Jim and Sharon guide the group through each section of the Marketing bible (!) with amazing insight sharing their advice throughout. Thanks to this course, I have gained a better understanding of my market segments and the service they require from us. The business plan has encouraged a far more structured approach in all activities and I look forward to seeing the results very soon!"
Holly Osborn, Milbrooke Printers Ltd

"I would definitely recommend the Purple Edge Marketing Mindset coaching programme to any SME business which is looking to grow their business through better marketing."
Mark Best, MPR-IT Solutions Ltd

"For the SME who can't tell the difference between their USP, CSF or KPI, this course is essential. For those who think marketing is concerned primarily with promotion, this course is essential. If you think you know marketing, this course is probably essential. In a word: essential!"
Mark Gosbee, Hypnosis4business

"Whether you need guidance with your marketing strategy or you are a complete novice with the subject, this programme will without a doubt be of significant benefit to you and your business. You will learn the key elements you need to market effectively and you can throughout the course start to build your plan and pick out the parts that will work for you. Jim & Sharon offer great support and get you thinking outside the box, which can be difficult to do on your own."
Janice Whatton, Castlewood Hotels

"I now know what marketing really is. The course showed us that marketing isn't about pens and freebies, adverts and gimmicks. Those are only possible results of understanding your customers and potential customers. Jim and Sharon have showed us how to do this, and how to analyse the competition's strategies so that we can be focussed and effective in our approaches."
Joyce Sewell, Your Connection Ltd

"The concept of 'marketing' is a very daunting one and it's sometimes very difficult to "see the wood for the trees." The Purple Edge has armed me with the knowledge and confidence to look at and understand each section individually. I can now develop my company's approach to marketing in a wholly positive manner and put a little more faith in my endeavours. This course has revealed the secret to marketing...and it's not hard!"
Sam Boxall, The Art of Design Ltd

 “The Purple Edge is extremely knowledgeable and engaging and is able to get the message across to those who are new to marketing as well as those that are more experienced. Content is good, simple and accessible and very worthwhile”
Geoff Cooke, Krista HR

“The workshop format is so valuable, you can learn so much from others.”
Sandra Warham

“I gained some great ideas and resources for developing and promoting the company.”
Jenna Daniels, Contemporary Transport

“Extremely well delivered.”
Vickie Miles, The Linen Shed

For more client testimonials visit The Customer Showcase.

The service that The Purple Edge has given me has been outstanding, and they are always at the end of a phone or e-mail to help with any query big or small.
Davinia Skelton, Marketing Manager, Skelton Group Ltd