The Mindset Mentor - Making it Count

The MARKETING MINDSET COACHING PROGRAMMES aim to give you greater marketing skills to grow your business faster. But once you’re back in the thick of your business, without those regular injections of help and motivation, how do you stay true to your new mindset? If you’re the boss, who checks up on whether you are doing what you said you would (and know you should)?

Marketing is not something you do once a year; to get sustained results that bring faster growth and bigger profits you need to be working on marketing all year round. The answer to keeping focused and motivated is to make a regular monthly commitment to meet with your own personal marketing coach and mentor.

Only available to graduates of our MARKETING MINDSET COACHING PROGRAMMES, our MENTORING PLAN gives you:

  • Monthly  1-1 mentoring call to review progress & provide advice
  • 1-1 coaching support via email throughout the month
  • Regular marketing tips & nudges – to keep you focused

To get better results you don’t just need to know what to do and how to do it - you need to actually do it! The MINDSET MENTOR PROGRAMME keeps you on track.

All for only £99 per month

Signing up is simple - just hit the subscribe button. As soon as we get your payment confirmation we will be in touch to organise your first session.
Includes VAT. Payable in advance by standing order or credit/debit card (no minimum subscription, cancel anytime you want).
The Purple Edge is a marketing company that really does make a difference. They organise great courses to help you learn the "Marketing Mix" and help you get the right strategy in place that will work for your company whether you are a new start up or a long established firm.
Janice Whatton, Castlewood Hotels